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Ark-Plas Custom Packaging, Labeling and Barcoding

Packaging & Labeling

Take full advantage of our value added services. We offer many different Packaging, Labeling and Barcoding Solutions for any application.

Let Ark-Plas pre-package your order, saving you time, labor and production costs. Each order can be pre-bagged and labeled according to your specified quantities, complete with logo, barcode and additional text options. There is a one-time charge of $15.00 for custom designed labels added to your first order.

Our barcoding option can streamline your Ark-Plas product handling processes at no extra charge to you. Download the Standard Barcoding PDF Form, fill in your information, and “Click When Complete” to email to

If you require additional information regarding our packaging and barcoding services or our barcode form, contact customer service at 870.453.2343 or