Barbed Fittings

Barbed Fittings


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Ark-Plas Barbed Fittings

Premium Grade Fittings are molded in lot-traceable, virgin materials for critical use applications. Premium fittings are stocked in White Nylon, Natural Polypropylene, Clear Polycarbonate, and Kynar (PVDF) and are available in two barb styles.

The Standard Barb is designed to accommodate most types of flexible tubing with the ID expanding to 40% to 50% above nominal ID value. It can hold up to 125 PSI without the use of tubing clamps.

The Hard-Line Barb is designed for use with semi-rigid tubing and is best suited for low-pressure flexible tubing applications. Tubing is expanded 21% above nominal ID value.

Commercial Grade Fittings are designed as a low cost alternative with high end performance. Our commercial fittings contain recycled runner material and are available in Natural Nylon and Natural Polypropylene.