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Ark-Plas Luers

Ark-Plas Luer fittings include a large selection of both male and female luers available in locking or slip tip variances, as well as locking rings, bulkhead luers for panel mounting, threaded luers, adapters and plugs.

All Ark-Plas Luer fittings feature conical tapers molded to ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 Standards for 6% luer tapers. This helps to ensure compatibility with all other luers molded to the same high standard as well as a broad variety of medical and laboratory instruments, including syringetips and needles or stopcocks and needles.

All Luers are molded in virgin, lot-traceable material only. Standard materials are Natural Nylon, Natural Polypropylene, and Clear Polycarbonate. Non-standard materials are available on special order.