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Ark-Plas Quick Binders

Rapid Assembly Posts are molded in High Density Polyethylene. Matching Screws as well as Extension Screws are molded in Nylon 6/6. Post and Screw sets (one post and one screw), are packaged separately in bulk poly bags. Both Post and Screw feature a 3/8” or 9/16” diameter head with slotted, unslotted, or thin unslotted options. Ark-Plas Ratchet Assembly posts and screws offer a more permanent solution and are supplied in rugged Polypropylene.

Ratchet Fasteners provide an excellent rigid alternative to our polyethylene rapid assembly post and screw. Ratchet Fasteners are molded in engineering grade Nylon 6/6. The interlocking teeth form a binding action to hold a variety of materials securely.

Variable length Stack-Loks® can be used to fasten and control reports, catalogs, samples and many other objects. Two different lock types are available to better tailor the Stack-Loks® system to individual applications.

Ark-Plas Mini Rivets are used to fasten a variety of materials by simply pressing the two components together for fast, easy assembly and are manufactured from Nylon 6/6. Male and female rivets are sold and packaged separately.