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Ark-Plas Screw Covers

Ark-Plas Screw Covers are an economic solution to decoratively cover most bolts and screws.

Pop-On screw covers are available in three sizes and can be used with a variety of fasteners. Hinged screw covers have the same versatility. Hex Dome Caps are designed for use on four popular sizes of hex bolts and nuts. Hex Socket Cap screw covers conceal hex socket cap screws in surface or countersunk applications. Dome Caps are intended for use with #8 or #10 Pan-head screws. Hex Hider covers are great for covering four sizes of hex socket button head cap screws. Tap-On screw covers are ideal for use with Phillips head screws and feature a tapered edge that blends nicely into any surface.

Color Matching is available for Pop-On, Hinged, Tap-On, Dome and select Hex Screw Covers. 50,000 piece minimum order applies.