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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: What does Ark-Plas Manufacture?
A: Ark-Plas manufactures over 5,000 different products for a wide range of industries including medical devices, automation, appliances, and automotive, just to name a few. We manufacture plastic barbed fittings, check valves, in-line filters, quick disconnect luers, tubing, cable management accessories, screw covers, and quick binder hardware.

Q: How do I contact Ark-Plas for more information?
A: All contact information can be found on our contact Customer Service link at the top of our website.

Q: Do you have other locations?
A: Ark-Plas has one location in Flippin, Arkansas.

Q: Who can order from Ark-Plas?
A: Ark-Plas sells to both OEM's and Distributors.

Q: Do you have an order minimum?
A: Yes, we have a $50 order minimum, and a $5 line item minimum.

Q: Will freight / shipping charges apply to the order minimum?
A: No.

Q: Some items are priced per 1,000 pieces. Am I required to order those items in 1,000 piece increments?
A: No. Whether your item is priced as each, per 100 feet, or per 1,000 pieces, you may order any quantity, as long as you satisfy the minimum order requirements.

Q: How do I become a distributor?
A: Contact our Customer Service Department for more information on becoming a distributor. Contact by: Phone: 870.453.2343 Fax: 870.568.0811 or Email:

Q: How do I set up a billing account?
A: We require five trade references and one bank reference to apply for credit.

Q: Do you have CAD files for your products?
A: Yes. Nearly all of our 5,000 + items have a generic CAD file that will work with virtually all engineering programs and can be instantly downloaded from the web site. You must have an Ark-Plas web account to access CAD files.

Q: Do you notify customers of product design changes?
A: No. Due to continuing improvements in design, some items may differ slightly from the description and photograph in the catalog.

Q: Can you manufacture custom and / or proprietary product?
A: Ark-Plas does offer custom manufactured products.

Q: Is Color Matching available?
A: Ark-Plas does offer custom color matching or you can choose from our Standard Color Chart which includes over 120 different colors.

My Order Information

Q: What if I need custom barcoding for my order?
A: Barcoding options can be found under services in the menu at the top of our website. Simply download the barcoding PDF, fill out the information and fax or email to our Customer Service Department.

Q: Can I find the tracking number for my order on the web site?
A: Not at this time.

Web Site Information

Q: What is the purpose of the different color coded pages on the website?
A: The Fittings category is represented with the color red, the Tubing category with the color blue, the Routing and Protection category with the color green, the Screw Cover category with the color magenta, and the Quick Binders category with the color orange.

Q: How do I configure a part on your website?
A: Parts are configured by clicking the attribute options in the left menu.

Q: How do I download CAD files?
A: You must first Create an Account. After your account is created you will be able to download CAD files on the items detail page. Click the CAD button and your file will automatically start downloading.

Q: Why is the CAD, Drawing, and / or Sample button grayed out for some products?
A: These files are currently not available if the button is grayed out.